Sunday, August 13, 2006

friendly faces and familir places

This was a good week.
First of all, Mike Smith was down from Alabama. It was great to see a familiar face. Friday was spent showing him around the places where I spend most of my time. We went first to Parramos to visit Victor and Chici’s boys’ home. Chici is in the States and Victor was busy, so one of the house parents helped me show Mike around the house. I was disappointed because most of the boys were at school, but he did get to meet some of the older boys.

Then we headed back to San Cristobal to the Osborn’s. Then believe it or not, the Osborn’s weren’t there either!! But I talked to them and found out when they’d be there, so we went for lunch and came back. I really think Mike enjoyed the children and I KNOW they enjoyed him. They ALL were trying to sit in his lap at the same time! Flor, who is usually very shy, was being very possessive of him. Eunice, who is always somewhere by herself, was amazed at the animal noises Mike could do. She really responded to him! She even tried to imitate the noises he was making. It was such a fun day.
We didn’t leave the Osborn’s ‘til after 7 and there’s been a lot of road work from San Cristobal to San Lucas, so I, thinking I was being so smart, decided to take another way home. So, I went down through Barcenas to Villa Nueva and came in the other side of the city. I thought I was doing so well until I ran into traffic much worse than that going down the mountain from San Lucas. It took me an hour to get back to the city, not including getting home from there. I’ve never been so happy to get out of my car!
Oh yeah, we also went to see the Osborn’s new house yesterday too. It is so beautiful. There are seven bedrooms and, to me, it’s beautiful in the details. There’s not as much of a back yard, but the more room in the house more than makes up for the lack of back yard.