Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stella's House

My heart feels heavy and overwhelmed today. But overjoyed at the same time! This morning Philip Cameron spoke at my church about Stella's House in Moldova. The Rock has become very involved with them and are helping to build a Stella's House 2. He came to witness about the impact Christ has had on the lives of the girls living in the Home. He brought 6 or 7 girls (teenagers) with him as well. A few of them told their testimonies. One girl told of how she would look at herself in the mirror every day and say, "You ugly face. Nobody loves you. Everyone hates you. Why were you even born?" Can you imagine? How fortunate am I to have even been loved a little bit, much more even to be loved as I am!! She said after she came to Stella's House, she had a daddy and he taught her about Jesus, and now she thanks Jesus every day for her life!! Praise God!! One beautiful girl sang a song that said, "There are no orphans of God", and it just brought tears to my eyes. A beautiful testimony in song of this girl's life and so many others. I am so thrilled to see the lives of these girls changed by people who shared with them the love of a Father who will never leave them. At the same time, my heart breaks as I think of all the other children of the world who need the same love shown to them. There are so many. What can I do to help them all? Where are the children of God that are called to love them as their own? Who will stand in the gap for those little ones, and big ones, so that they may know unconditional love? What can we do? Anything. Everything. Something. God can't lead us where He wants us to go unless we take the first step. We can't do it... but HE CAN!! And even better than that... HE WILL!!!

Lord, I am so thankful today for my precious daughter. You so magnificently brought our lives together into one, and I am so thankful that you have given her to me. I lift up the lives of those girls in Moldova. Thankful for the lives you've already changed, and hopeful for the ones that have yet to be touched. For all of the children around the globe who are lonely, hurting, hungry, unwanted, cold, abandoned, sick, used... Father, their lives are in YOUR HANDS. Break someone's heart for them. Send your people where they should go to help the least of these. Send them parents to love them and care for them. I lift up their lives to you, LORD. Bless them and keep them. Show them your love today, In Jesus' Name, AMEN!!

Click the links above to read about the ministries in Moldova and Russia, to send support, and pray for their needs.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Precious baby girl

See those sweet eyes? She's waiting for me to come get her. She's waiting to come home. This is the only picture I have of Flor at this age. I think she was about 4 or 5 months old. It amazes me how much she still looks like that. She has those same beautiful black eyes. You know, that's most everyone's first comment about her. Those eyes!! Her Gran calls them chocolate eyes. I can't wait to see you again baby girl!! It won't be long now!!

My friend in Guatemala thought our case was in PGN last week, but said that as soon as this mistake on her Family court report was corrected, she will go into PGN immedietely!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

in PGN or not in PGN? That is the question!!

I got a call from a friend Wednesday telling me that our case had been in PGN since last Friday!! I was so excited! Yesterday I got an email from our facilitator who said there had been a mistake in the social worker's report from Family Court and the lawyer had sent it back for corrections. She said she thought it would get fixed quickly and that she would get it into PGN immedietely. I'm not sure if she was in PGN and kicked out for the error or if she wasn't in PGN in the first place... I haven't heard back from her yet about that. But things are moving... that is important.

I dreamed last night that Flor came home. We were watching a video of us getting out of the car where everyone had gathered to welcome us home. Daddy and Jami were with us too. It must had rained because there were puddles in the parking lot. As Flor made her first appearance to everyone, she started dancing around sideways, splashing in the puddles. It was so real. I loved it. I just pray it comes true soon!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

10 years ago today...

My first trip to Guatemala was in July 1998, the 18th through the 24th to be exact. I started that very first trip keeping journals of every single day. It is really neat now to go back and read about that little girl who's life was so changed by what she saw.

So, what was my journal entry for July 20, 1998? This guy, Gino, asked me if I wanted to play soccer with him. Honestly, I was smitten from that first moment, and it is apparent in my journal entries from that day on. Of course, I never imagined that God would work so wonderfully in bringing us back together later and now to be engaged!! We've gone through a lot in the 10 years we've known each other and the 5 years we've been together. I just think our story is so amazing. It is so God because it did not seem possible for so many years. But nothing is impossible with God. Here is a picture of that first day after playing soccer.

This second picture is from my last night there on that first trip. My hands are full of stuffed animals and painted blocks of wood from some of the little girls that I had attached to. I remember at that last service, when everyone prayed for our safe return home, some of the kids were asked to lay hands on any team members that were around them. Gino was one of the ones praying for me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Short, but sweet

That's how I'd describe this past weekend. Gino came in on Wednesday afternoon and left Sunday afternoon. It came and went so fast, and it was jam packed. I don't think we sat down to rest more than 2 hours the whole time he was here. That was to watch a movie.

We met with Lewis Thomas on Thursday for lunch. It was such a great visit. Lewis has been a huge part of Gino's life for many years now. He is one of the main reasons that Gino is where he is today. He was Gino and Silvio's sponsor for several years while they were at Casa Aleluya, and what's even better is that now Gino and Silvio are supporting Lewis' ministry!! Talk about coming full circle!!

We had a nice little visit with my dad and Jami, and each of my siblings on different days. I always hate to push Gino to much running around, but he insists on seeing my family. It is important to him and that means so much to me.

He was also able to meet with a local architect about some future work. It went really well and I was extremely excited at the possibilities!!

My 10 year reunion was Saturday. So that was a big day of catching up with old friends. I still can't believe I've been out of school ten years though.

Sunday seemed to go by so fast! In no time it was time to take him to the airport. It was so hard to say goodbye. I hadn't seen him in 6 months and here I was saying goodbye again?!? He made me walk away first so I wouldn't cry. But I did really good and didn't shed one tear. ;) I think that saddest part of it all is not knowing when the next time we'll see each other again will be. I actually had a thought: could it be that we won't see each other again until we're getting married!?!? I just hope it's not long. I miss him so much already!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

History of Flor

I love hearing stories of Flor from the people who she has impacted, even in her tiny life! I especially love stories from before I met her! So here is one from a friend, Amy:

"I met Flor at Casa fe y Amor before they collapsed. I will never forget the resilience in her eyes. I bought her a walker in Antigua so that she could get around. She loved it immediately and didnt hesitate...she was all over the place. :) A friend that was with me fed Flor her lunch. She was so nervous because of the cleft palette--but not Flor. She chowed down---she was such an inspiration to us all."

Saturday, July 12, 2008


So, I haven't been able to check my email in a few days, but this morning when I finally did, guess what I saw?!??!?!?!?


What a great day! This IS the the day that the LORD has made, I will REJOICE and be glad in it!!!!

Now just waiting to get into PGN!!! I am super-uber excited!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So.... Gino is coming tomorrow!! How excited am I?!?!?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy birthday Elliana... and Eliana!!

Elliana Grace was born at 4:01 AM yesterday!! She was a beautiful 8lb. 12oz. and 21 inches long. She looks amazingly like her big brother. She is such a calm and sweet baby! We are so happy she's here!!

When I say she looks amazingly like her big brother... I mean it. The second picture is Davis 19 months ago on the day he was born:

This is Davis now, looking so hilarious sitting in Elliana's bed with that hat on! He looks so much bigger now that she is here! It is so amazing!

Here is Paw-Paw and Davis looking at how beautiful Elli is. It was Paw-Paw's first time holding her. It won't be long until he can hold both of his granddaughters!! Isn't that little purple bow just adorable!?!?! Davis just wants to touch her and point out that she has 'ears' and 'eyes' and a 'nose'.

Mom and dad are both fine and are going home today!

Also, happy birthday to Eliana, who my friends Chris and Lindsey are adopting from Guatemala. Almost the same name; almost the same birthday!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Miriam is married!!!

I would like to introduce you to the first young lady at The Shadow of His Wings home for girls, to get married!! Miriam, who is the oldest of all the girls, got married last weekend. Joanne wrote the sweetest email honoring her daughter. Miriam was such a beautiful bride! I couldn't help but tear up while reading the email describing her wedding. I wish I could've been there. Miriam has also been hired as a school teacher at the school the ministry's school. She is such an example for the other girls to follow. I am just so proud of her!! I just can't believe the girl I used to stay up with at night, giggling and talking about boys (haha), and everything else, is now married!! How time flies!! Before I know it, my daughter will be walking down the aisle!! (What am I saying?!?!? I haven't even walked down the aisle yet!!!) LOL!!