Wednesday, February 28, 2007

therapy party

I think they've decided that Victoria has a UTI and have started antibiotics. Pray that these start taking affect immediately so this little baby can go home and Shyrel can stay home too!!

Today's therapy went well, but what I want to write about is the therapy that went on at the home. There is one therapist from the hospital that is coming twice a week, I think, to do therapy with all the babies. It's more to sharpen their senses, I think, but to me it was fun! We started by touching their skin with cotton balls, then with felt pieces, then with toothbrushes. Then one by one, we sat the babies in a tub of dried black beans (I don't think they have to be black... haha!!), then in a tub of uncooked rice. It was so funny to see the different expressions on each of their faces. Some of the kids, like Martin and Danny, cried at first and then seemed to like it. Flor and Mishel dove right in and were even rubbing the beans on their own legs. Little Jennifer thought she was taking a bean bath! Adriana on the other hand is a different story... she screamed and screamed, but in a way that was cute... in a way. She was reaching for me the whole time screaming, "MAMA!!" It was so pitiful!! She just had no clue why we were sitting her in a tub of beans!!! After each baby was done they were rubbed down with baby powder. They were all walking around covered in white powder! It was EVERYWHERE!! There were actually beans, rice, and powder everywhere...

wonder what's for lunch tomorrow?!?