Thursday, January 4, 2007

back to work

Well, here I am! Back in Guatemala!! Man, is it hot here! Such a change! It was actually cold when I left over a month ago, which got me ready for Alabama's weather. But when I stepped off the plan in my pink peacoat and scarf, I thought I would've passed out! Poor Steve and Shyrel had been waiting for me an hour when I finally got out! I was almost the first one off the plane and the first through customs, but almost the very last to get my luggage! I was getting a little worried and I've been through this many times before, waiting to get my luggage and I'm pretty used to it, so you know it had to be a loooooong time for me to get worried! But back to the smog and bus exhaust I am!!

I unpackd pretty much in one night. Although, unpacking to me is just taking the stuff out of the suitcases and putting the suitcases away, so I still have a little to do.

Today I went with Shyrel up to San Lucas (the roads are great, btw!) to Orphan Resources warehouse. They are moving and asked Shyrel if she wanted to come up and go through the clothes and stuff. It took us all morning and we came down the hill with the van packed to the ceiling!! He even gave us two whiteboard easels which will be great for the four kids who are going to be tutored at the house this year! We got plenty of clothes and I even got a pair of pj's and some bright red loafers!! (No one in Guatemala has feet as big as mine anyway!!)

After a "Nais" lunch, I went to help unload and see the kids. I was so excited!! It took about 2 seconds before all I heard was "AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and saw so many arms reaching out for me! It was a great welcome!! I wish I could've taken video of Flor when she first saw me. It was priceless. She looked and I could tell she was thinking for a split second before it came over her like an electric shock and her body sort of jumped and her face lit up and she came running over with her arms in the air! I missed her! I missed them all!!

The new children are precious! Bryan and Angel are so sweet and Angel always has a cute little smile on his face. Bryan is deaf but is really fun to "talk" to. While unpacking the clothes, he "helped" by picking out things he liked and grunting to see if he could have them and then carrying them to his room. He's so cute! And little Fernanda seems so tiny because all of the other babies are so big now. (Big, and FAT!!) Also, yesterday another girl came. Maria Fernanda is 12 years old. I'm not sure exactly what illness she has, but she is a sweet heart and GREAT with the kids!