Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bright and early Monday morning, we will be on our way to the hospital for Flor to get T tubes in her ears. Should br a quick preceedure, but I'd appreciate the prayers.

We will also hopefully be receiving a referal to a doctor in Birmingham to evaluate her for any further pallet surgeries. I'm hoping the appointment isn't too far out. I'm anxious to get things moving, but I know it is in God's hands and it will all happen in His time.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

growing girl

Flor has grown 3 inches since February!! She's now 41 inches and 36.3 lbs!! No wonder she has growing pains!!

Anyone know how to freeze time?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Doctor's visit

So, today was a day for firsts for Flor... and me. We went to meet her new doctor for the first time. She was really excited this morning, even walking in the door... even sitting in the room waiting for the doctor to come in. All that changed after the doctor mentioned the FOUR shots he wanted her to have today. She was all smiles until the nurse walked in with the 5 syringes (one was the flu mist). Panic set in immedietely. The nurse and I did not have enough strength to hold her down. She literally pushed all of my weight off of her with her little arms. The scream was terrifying and I didn't even know her mouth would open that wide. At one point, as if my heart wasn't ripping apart anyway, she leans up mid-scream and kisses me on the lips. It was so hard not to cry. I held it until I got into the car. Flor had stopped crying by then, but she limped until about 5 minutes ago. :/

So, afterwards we went to get a prize, and she picked pizza for dinner, and got an orange coke (Sunkist), which is only for special treats. But she deserved it today, it was a rough one!

So, we have a referal now to an ENT to set up a cleft team for her and hopefully get rolling on any other surgeries/proceedures she'll need before starting school next year. Her appointment is set for October 29th. So, please keep that in your prayers.