Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prayer Request

Just an update so you can all be praying tomorrow...

I wrote Lesly (my attorney) yesterday and this was the response I just got. I'll just translate it word for word.

'Good day, Amanda:I really hope you are well. I want to thank you for your patience in Flor's process, I understand that a long time has passed and we haven't had positive results. I want you to know that tomorrow I have an hearing with the attorney general to ask that they suspend the investigation of your case, and try the case. We do have valid arguements to do this. The objective of the investigation is to search for a resourse family, that means anyone inside her biological family qho could take her in as a daughter and care for her. This is not logical, however PGN sometimes does this. It's not logical because we understand that before she was up for adoption, Flor went through the process of terminating their rights, and there was a sentence passed. I want to have a positive response tomorrow. Thanks for writing. Please be praying!!'

Melissa then wrote me that Lesly's appointment with the attorney general is at 10:30 tomorrow morning. So, we have something very specific to pray for. Tomorrow morning, at 10:30, which will be 9:30 our time, I am asking that we pray for favor with the attorney general, that he will suspend the investigation, and let us out of PGN!! I will find out tomorrow how it went, if I have to call down there myself!! But I am expecting an email at least, if not a phone call. Thank you for praying!!

That was an email I sent out earlier today, and I am overwhelmed tonight at so many responses I've gotten back. People are praying. God answers prayers. I loved one response, "Thank you for favor in Jesus' Name!!" That's the heart I want to have. I am thankful that God is already working on the heart of that attorney general. He's already got things lining up where they need to be, so we can get out of PGN and get Flor home!

Monday, October 27, 2008

sweetest smile

Come on, baby girl! Let's get out of PGN this week, ok? How does that sound?

I think she agrees.

See the blanket I sent her? Jami said she would just fold it and unfold it, over and over. She loved it!! I'm so glad!!!

No news yet. But it's just Monday. I am very hopeful this week!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A sneak peek:

Can you guess who she's talking to in this picture?? Well of course... HER MAMA!! How priceless is that face?!? I am so in love with her! It's something I can't explain with any words.

Now, on the way to PGN, Flor rode with her abuelito in the back seat. He said she just leaned her head over and went to sleep. I thought Daddy had faked sleeping for this picture, but no, he said he really feel asleep too!! Like granddaughter, like abuelito!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Soccer game

I finally went to see my nephews play soccer this morning... I am so impressed by them!! They can play any sport they get in their mind to play. They're great baseball players and they dominate in basketball, for real!! I was excited to watch them play soccer this year. Gino wants to be their coach so bad!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tagged: two for one

I was tagged twice, so I'm just going to compile them into one BIG OL' POST!!

First I was given the "I love your blog" award by FAD (my Favorite Aunt Debbie), who is much much more than my favorite aunt!! I love you the most!!

Then I was tagged to tell seven weird things about myself... this shouldn't be too hard.

1) My little toes don't bend or move (when I tell them to), it's like they have a mind of their own. They've always been that way, as far as I can remember, and I'm not sure why. But they're still kinda cute because they're so little.

2) Sometimes I can only think of certain words in Spanish. Some words are just easier in Spanish, or I became accustomed to certain slang words that really don't translate to English well. I also pronounce words as they would be pronounced in Spanish all the time, for example, when reading a menu once I decided I wanted "Ho-Ho potatoes", which were really "Jo-Jo potatoes" in English. (J sounds like H, if you didn't know)

3) As a teenager, I watched the movies I love over and over again and never get tired of watching them even now. I can to this day quote every line from Tommy Boy, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, and Grease, and several more...

4) I like buying a planner every year to fill in all my addresses and phone numbers and birthdays, even though I very, very rarely ever use a planner for anything at all.

5) I pretend to be very organized, but really it's just "organized" out of order piles of junk. As long as there are 'neat' piles on the desk, on the floor, on the coffee table, etc., I feel very organized. But we'll just say that I'm organized. It's easier, and sounds better.
6) I have sort of a phobia of cats. I can stand to pet a cat, but I can't be all lovey dovey with one. I mean, it's a cat. Come on. They are sneaky. They swat at your feet from under the bed. They jump on your moving feet under the sheets. They look at you like they're going to jump out at you any minute and you just don't know what they're about to do. Cats are about the only thing in the world that I get anxious about. I absolutely cannot sleep in the same room as a cat. No way. I'm not an animal 'hater', per say, but I just don't like cats.
7) I've had some horrible experiences with mice/rats in my life that have also caused me to be pretty much terrified of them. For example, while looking through the pantry late one night, I opened the door and a mouse feel on MY HEAD!!! Yeah. As a very young child, a mouse ran up my leg. While living at Casa Aleluya, I stayed in a tiny 6x10 'room' with no windows for 6 weeks. Mice lived in the ceiling. I didn't sleep for nights and nights because all I could hear was the sound of mice 'falling' on the ceiling. It was so loud and I was freaking out!! I would just cry myself to sleep so many nights!! So, I guess mice cause me to panic just a little bit.
So, there's a few things you may not have known about me... I tag anyone else who wants to do this!!

second reviewer: CHECK!!

Spoke to sweet Flor on the phone again today... she went with her abuelito, gran, and Shyrel to PGN to ask why they haven't let her out yet!! They found out that I am not with the second reviewer anymore (PRAISE GOD!!), but that there is another 'step' I didn't know I had to go through. Since Flor lives in a home, they need to make sure she doesn't have any family. Which we know she doesn't because she was abandoned at birth, plus, in any abandonment case they always check for relatives by posting ads in the paper, etc... so I'm sure this has already been done at one point in time. So I'm hoping this is just a formality and that we will be out very, very soon!! Shyrel seemed optimistic about it, so that made me feel good about it too. They have the phone number for the lady doing the investigation and will call her to ask how it's going (and maybe hurry her up a bit!!).

Hopefully, I'll have good news soon!!! Thanks for your prayers!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PGN visit tomorrow... PRAY!!!

Daddy just called again, and before he got cut off, he told me that he, Jami, Shyrel, and Flor will be going to PGN tomorrow to check on our case and see if they can't get things moving along!! No idea what could happen, but you better believe I'll be praying!!! Everyone I've talked to thinks it's a good move. Afterwards they'll be stopping by the lawyers office and delivering a gift for Gracie's Precious Jewel!!

Please be praying for us tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

what an emotional half hour...

Daddy just called from Guatemala. Steve and Shyrel brought Flor down for dinner in Antigua. He called thinking, maybe, that I would like to talk to her... uh, YES PLEASE!!
He handed her the phone and I began to speak... she didn't respond at all, not sure what her face was saying, but she wasn't talking back to me. That was fine. I wasn't upset about that as much as I was when they handed the phone back to Daddy she just started bawling and I could hear her. He said she had fallen asleep on the way to Antigua. So she was a little overwhelmed.
My heart is just broken right now. To hear her crying, knowing that there is nothing I can do from here. I can't hold her, comfort her... I just broke down crying when we got off the phone. I couldn't help it and I didn't even feel it coming. I couldn't pick my face up. My heart just feels so heavy...

***EDIT*** Daddy just called back... Flor has woken up a little bit and warmed up to everyone. She's sitting in Daddy's lap and he handed her the phone. I talked to her for several minutes and she just sat there listening. Daddy told me later that she was sitting so still while listening to me talk to her. When he handed her the phone a second time (he had to make sure I was still talking to her), she said, "HOLA MAMA!!" I said back to her, "HOLA FLORICITA!!", and she just bursted out laughing!! It was so adorable!! I feel much better now knowing she's having a good time and loving on her abuelito!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


My sweet friend, Laura, and her family finally received a referral for their precious angel!! They finally have a sweet face that makes the love that they have been feeling make all the sense in the world!!!

Congratulations Laura!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have the best friends a girl could ask for!!

A few weeks ago, my friend Lauren asked me about going out to dinner for my birthday. We went to dinner last year too. She wrote me a text today to remind me... but Breanne wrote to say she couldn't come because she picked up an extra shift at work. So, I thought it would be just me and Lauren. I went to her house to ride with her since my back window won't roll up. When we got there, I was about to tell the hostess there were 2 of us when Lauren said, "You want to go to the bathroom first?" It struck me as odd, but I just do what Lauren says! : ) I walked around the wall and saw Jami and Davis sitting there. My first thought, "Wow, I can't believe Jami is having dinner here too!" My eyes slowly made their way around the looooong table, and I realized, "I know all of these people!!" My friends, my sisters and all of my nephews!! I admit it took a minute for it to sink in, but this was my SURPRISE!!!!!
Little did I know that Lauren and Breanne had been planning this for weeks. They were so thoughtful, and I love that they invited my family too!! It was the perfect birthday party!! (except that my dad and brother couldn't come because of work)
Breanne had made a money tree which had cash and gift cards for groceries for after Flor gets here!! Isn't that the most thoughtful thing ever?!? All together with cash and gift card to Target, Publix, and Walmart, I got $310!! Flor and I will be eating like queens!!
Ashli had been telling me about a gift she had for me for a few weeks, and timing worked out where she just gave it to me tonight:
Can you believe that her sister made this doll?!? How completely awesome is it?!? It is the sweetest little baby ever!! And look what she stitched on the hem of the skirt:
She also made her some little white eyelet lace pj pants.

I am so overwhelmed!! I feel so loved! What a great birthday!! So, thanks Lauren and Breanne, and everyone who came out to dinner tonight!! I love you all!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"appy bert-day tu tu"

At least that's what it sounded like when Davis told me happy birthday last night. Davis and Elli came over and took me out to my favorite Thai restaurant!! (ok, ok... so they brought mommy and daddy along too!) It was so nice after dinner to come back to my apartment and just hang out and play with the kids. It was such a great early birthday present!!

Today Whitney's parents through a 3 generation birthday party. Whitney, her son, and her grandmother were all born on October 8th!! (not in the same year, let me just clarify) I think it is so cool though!!

Here's a picture of Davis on his new little bicycle!!

He just tip-toes around everywhere since he hasn't really figured out how to peddle yet. He's growing up so fast. It makes my heart hurt, but be proud at the same time!!

Now for my other sweet baby girl...
She is such a good baby, and I'm not saying that as her favorite aunt... it's really true!! And for a first niece, she's setting the bar pretty high, let me tell you. She told me today that she loves me the most, by the way, sorry Paw-paw!!
In other birthday news, happy late birthday to my sister Connie!! Also, Brennan and Clay celebrate birthdays this week: Brennan's is tomorrow actually, and Clay's is on Tuesday.

We are so mature!! Which one of us will be 11 and which one will be 29 this week?? You really can't tell...
Then there is Claybug, who will be the big 5 on Tuesday!! He's almost exactly one year older than Flor!!

Happy Birthday to US ALL!!! :) WHEW! It's a busy month!! I love it!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

God knew what I needed today:

To see this amazing face!!

She is so silly!

what does it all mean?!???

I called PGN this morning. Not the news I wanted to hear. "My case is with the reviewers." Well, I knew that.

I asked, "Any idea when they might be finished with it?"
"It will be with them for three weeks."


Not what I wanted to hear right before I went to work today...

So this afternoon, I get a response from an email I sent earlier this week. "the file right now is atthe 2nd review so it might be ready at the delivery window next week."

I'm trying figure out what that means. Anybody have any idea?

I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want her here by her birthday...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

12 months ago...

... I was a completely different person that I am today. The past year's experiences have truly made me clay in his hands each and every day, renewing the way I think, the way I trust, and the way I live even. This month, one year ago, I sent off my application for a contract home study to start the -what has become- long process of bringing my girl home.

  • October 2, 2007, I sent off the application.
  • October 8, 2007, I got a job to where I would actually be able to adopt her.
  • October 19, 2007, my first home study visit.

I can't believe it has been a year. I am 12 months pregnant on paper and if I get any "fatter" I think I'll just explode!! It has been a year of worrying, then giving it all back to God (again), a year of morning "sickness" 24 hours a day, a year of not being able to wait another minute to see the life inside of me (in my heart). Please God let her come home soon.

Friday, October 3, 2008

one more down... two more to go!!!

FINALLY!!! The Wheelers are home and all together!!! I am just beside myself happy that they are finally home! Eliana is such a sweet baby girl and she is so lucky to have such a loving mommy and daddy, and extended family... the family she deserves!


Come on Flor and Auri!!! It's time to come home!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

China, Baby!

A fellow blogger is raising money for her families' trip to pick up their new addition (in China) soon. If you click HERE you can go check out her blog, pray for her family, and even maybe make a small donation to help make their family complete. One lucky donor will win the beautiful jewelry made by special young lady. Click here for details.