Thursday, April 30, 2009

swine flu vacation

You may know that all schools/daycares/school activities have been cancelled in Madison County, Madison City, and Huntsville City areas because of 2 possible cases of the swine flu... and as it worked out, I got to stay home with Flor today. We've had a lazy morning, sleeping in until 9, since we had company last night until almost 11.. but Flor didn't mind because she sure loves Brennan and Tanner!! They were so funny when I told them that their school was out until Monday. All you could hear were woohoo's and yay's, until they saw me glaring at them. Then they quickly said a little prayer, "God, thank you for closing school for two days..., but please heal the kids that are sick." So sweet. We really had a good time though. (we played Scrabble, Dutch Blitz, Candy Land, and Battleship until the wee hours of the... well, like I said, almost 11. She slept like a log, and when we got back from lunch she asked me if she could go to sleep. OF COURSE!! This girl was definitely made for me, we both loooooove our sleep!! It was nice to get in a little nap myself!

Friday, April 17, 2009

forget bunny ears...

Just wanted you to know that Flor is the biggest girl in the world... she tied one tennis shoe today!! She confidently told me this morning, after I'd already tied on one shoe, "Mama, I can do it myself." Oh, ok, I thought. Then there she goes... tighten, loop, swoop, and pull.... !! Can I just say that it is the understatement of the year to say that I am such a proud mommy!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes, that's right...

I did not take a picture of Flor on Easter.

It could be worse. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

here's what's happening in our neck of the woods!

Flor can sing her ABC's and it's really cute when she gets to the "Now I know my ABC's" part because then she starts all over again at "H, I, J K, L, MNOP..." She will finally realize the song has gone on far too long and say, "Ya, mama.", ever so calmly and await my "Good job!"... it's really sweet.

She can understand a lot of English, though all she says on her own is, Thank you, you're welcome, I love you the most, now (which she says in the sweetest little southern accent), she also says, "Por favor, Please!" lol.. , she is too cute! She'll repeat anything you tell her too, and every once in awhile she'll belt out a "Alabama, ROOOOOOLL TIDE!!!" She also sings along to a Ray Lamontagne song that I've played in my car over and over again since she's been here. It's been nice that family and friends have been able to communicate with her, even if it's one way for now. I've been trying to speak more English to her at home. Up until the past week or so, it's been mainly Spanish between she and I. I imagined it helped her feel more at ease in all of her new surroundings.

She qualified for speech therapy through the State, and I will start this Friday by taking her to the elementary school that we live near for 30 minutes a week. They aren't sure how much they can help since she does still have an opening in her pallet, but they said they wanted to try. I believe that it can only benefit her. She's doing great in school, and enjoys asking me every morning who it is that will pick her up each day. It's sweet to see how excited she gets each and every time, whether it be Melodie, Gran, or Stephanie... she seems to get a kick out of it! She always asks me why, if someone is coming to visit her or pick her up... she'll ask, "Why?", with her little hands on her hips, then she'll casually answer her own question with this honest answer, "Because they love me a whole lot!!"

So. very. true.