Sunday, July 22, 2007

When we all get to heaven

Today was my first time to visit The Rock (of Huntsville) since I've been home... actually I don't think I got to visit on a Sunday morning in December... so it may have been my first time in a year!! I'd been on Monday nights through-out the year, but it was so fulfilling to get feed in English today!! I felt like I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

You know something, before the "preaching" even started Pastor Rusty was telling us that his wife was out of town with the daughter for a dance thing. He was jokingly saying that he was NOT allowed to have anything to do with dancing because he was just awful at it... then he paused... "but when I get to heaven...." and everyone just started applauding!! He painted a scenario of a man who may have been in a wheelchair all his life who would do a holy breakdance!! My mind went straight to Jose and Hannah. Jose is so full of joy and loves to sing. Hannah dances and twirls, even in her wheelchair. I can't wait until we all get to heaven and see her dance on her perfect legs and hear Jose join in the holy chorus!! What a day that will be!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm here!!

Hi everyone. Sorry I thinks its taken me awhile to write anything since I got home. I wanted to let everyone know that I am finally home. I actually didn't get "home" until Saturday night, even though I have been in the States since Thursday night. I flew into Atlanta, after nearly missing my flight in Fort Lauderdale, and crashed at my Gran's house. Daddy and Jami, Stephanie, and Brennan and Tanner all came to welcome me home!

I still haven't unpacked. Well, stuff is out of the suitcases, but now it's on the floor. But that's not really what a priority in my mind this week. I'm visiting family and am really excited about seeing my best friend from Ohio tomorrow!!

Please be in pray with me this week as I decide what it is that I will do next. I really want to find what God has for me, but I haven't a clue yet!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

one is silver and the other is gold!

Today after taking Gino to drop his bike off at his uncles, we had lunch with our friends to say goodbye. It was really sad to think I wouldn't see them for awhile. I've really come to love them! But with the miracle of the internet we will be able to keep in touch very well!no idea what Chino is doing... just the girls!! Ligia, me and Leslieand a hug for the road!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rosa's radio

I was so touched yesterday afternoon. Sarah invited me to eat japanese, but first I had some stuff I needed to return to Amor del NiƱo. (towels the girls left, a book, etc.) Among the stuff was a radio that I had talked to Rosa about. I was not taking the radio home with me and Rosa had mentioned to me that she was praying about buying one. So, I had promised mine to her.

I had no idea what a big deal it was to her until I took it over yesterday. I just handed it to her like it was nothing, and then became distracted by the children around my feet. When I looked up, she stopped me and said that she just wanted to say thank you to me for the radio. That she had been praying about wanting one for awhile now and that it was such a blessing to her. She was on the verge of tears as she thanked me.

I felt ashamed for not realizing how important it was to her. It also humbled me to think about how thankful she was for such a small thing... that meant nothing to me. At the same time it blessed me so much to make her so happy and for God to answer her prayers through me.

She hugged me so tight after saying thanks. It was one of the good things about yesterday.

I'm done!!!

I'm finally packed and ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha... just me being silly after a loooooooooong day!!! Steve let me borrow a trooper and can you believe I got 14 suitcases and a guitar in there?!? haha!! WHEW!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Despedida de Shadow

Forgive me if my updates this week are scatter-brained and maybe even out of order... I have a few things I wanted to write about, but I'm having to do it in between packing, painting, and everything else.

I wanted to tell you about going to say good-bye to the girls in Monjas Saturday. I had wanted to go for awhile, but couldn't get it to work out. Finally, I saw my chance and SPLIT!! Gino and Laisa went with me too.

Cyndi had told the girls I was coming, but they had no idea that I was leaving this week. Since I haven't seen them since January, I hadn't had the chance. So, when I got there, first thing, I called them all together and let them know. I also told them that Gino was going to live with his mom. After the bombshell, by the look on their faces I could tell they were just in shock. But after I was done, no one had anything to say and they just sat there waiting for someone to say something. Finally after an awkward silence, I told them that was it. That I had just wanted to let them know and they could go on with what they were doing. One by one they left. A few came up to ask me questions about it. What would happen to me and Gino? When were we getting married? (their personal favorite) and would I be back to see them?

After that, we just played with them for a few hours. I took turns with different ones on the trampoline and Gino played soccor with three girls that always just follow him around.

It was a good visit. I wish I couldv'e stayed longer. But I'll take what I can get. I know I will see them again soon.

Enjoy the pictures

Friday, July 6, 2007


Friday, Gino and I took his two cousins to the teleferico, which I had never heard of until a few weeks ago. But we had been planning it since then. I guess it would be called a skyline or skylift.. I don't really know. But you'll know when you see the pics...

Teleferico pics

Some of you may know that I am terrified of heights... well, if there was any doubt, there is no more. I could NOT look down or my stomach would just drop!! I had to just look directly forward or out at the lake, which was beautiful... from a distance. We rode horses and played games at the top of the mountain. It was sort of like a fair or something up there. They were about to close, so we didn't have time for much. Most of the time we spent riding the horses! We rode four time around the trail!! Buy 3, get one free!! Gino's little cousin, Dorbal, was scared to ride, so as you'll see in the pics, he rode the zebra!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Splendid Horizon

I must have written this nearly 3 years ago. As I am packing, I am trying to minimize as much as possible, so when going through notebooks, etc., I found this buried within one of them, and I felt that it really applied more to me today than it probably did 3 years ago!

What does the horizon signify to you?
The end of an old day? The beginning of a new?
Does it mean 'a place to rest' or 'a chance to start afresh'?

To me it's the unknown that lies ahead of me on my journey.

To me it is the most beautiful place to go.

Where blue meets pink, is where God has me heading.
To the spledid horizon.

It means leaving myself behind (again) and meeting his light. And isn't that a lovely light?
For only there is the most beautiful shade of purple seen!
When I go to meet him, his glory is shown through royal purple light!
The light of this King of Kings; King of my heart.

That is where the beauty is -- in the unknown purple -- THE SPLENDID HORIZON

Let us not fear the unknown, but rejoice that we are apart of God's plan. Which without us, would still not fail.
So then, we are already victorious!

"A lamp unto my feet is your word, a light to my path" (Ps. 119:105).

Someone recently told me that back then they really had lamps (candles even) placed on the tops of their feet to show them their way. It literally only showed them the steps that their feet were taking. Each individual step. It kind of shines a light on what it means when we say we are taking things "step by step", huh?

this week

This is a real picture, of a real room.... MY ROOM!! My stuff keeps expanding as I try to get it in the suitcases. It's like it doesn't want to GET IN THERE!!! Luckily Steve and Shyrel are giving me a few suitcases. If not, I would be out of luck, for real!!

All of my days are filling up!! I have so many people to visit.. and so little time!!! Tomorrow, Gino and I are going to his uncle's house. He will leave his bike there for him to sell. So guess who will be borrowing my car AGAIN!?!? It's ok though. I want him to get to see all the people he needs to also. Friday, he's taking me somewhere.. I've never been. It's one of those skyline car thingy's... I heard it was pretty cool. I bet there's a great view!!

Saturday we're going to Monjas, and my friend Sarah is going to get to go too!! I will introduce her to Cyndi and they will both replace me as their friend for each other... Just kidding!!

Sunday will be my last day at church. Sarah's going with me there too. That's going to be sad.

Monday and Tuesday Gino wants to borrow my car to visit his grandma. I will stay home and paint and finish packing.

Wednesday I have to deliver all my suitcases to a group that are taking them home for me. I am staying in a hotel by the airport that night. I think it will be so much better; A) because I will have to pack completely. I hate not being able to pack those last minute things... and 2) I will not have to get up as early. I have to be at the airport by 4:30. Gino and Silvio are leaving the same day, but about 1/2 hour earlier. So, as you can see... this week will be something else!!