Thursday, January 28, 2010


Before a trip, do you pray for safety? If you do, do you expect a trip without any serious problems? I have to say that I think I was one of those people who thought that if I prayed for safety on trip, that there would be no problems. Today I was taught a new lesson.

Flor and I set out at 6am for a 9am appointment (we were asked to be there 30 minutes before and I like to allow for traffic, construction, etc). 30 minutes into our journey, I heard a strange sound coming from the front driver's side tire. I decide better to be safe than sorry, so I slowed down and put on my hazards. Once I got into the emergency lane and slowed down a little more, out of no where my front tires locked up and I came to a sudden stop. So hard that my back end fishtailed a little bit. It scared me to death, but once I got a clear thought I got out to check the tires fulling expecting a flat. Nope. Tires looked great. The car was still running, so I hop back in and put it in drive... nothing. Well, not nothing, but definitely no movement. No movement from those little round things that tend to move your car forwards and backwards.

After my immediete panic, I start making phone calls and because of what he could understand despite the babbling through my tears, he started heading my way. He was an hour away. So Flor played in the back seat for an hour, not a care in the world except that her mommy was crying. She told me she would fix the car for me so that I would be happy... all together now... "aaaaaaww!!"

Daddy and Jami brought me her car and a trailer attached to his truck. They pull up, we pray again, we throw our junk into her car, and we're off! Since I had left so early, we only arrived 30 minutes late to our appointment, which seems to be no big deal at all to anyone else but me in that hospital. We were called back about an hour later and saw a few nurses and the audiologist. I was asked 4 different times if she had any allergies or was on any medication. Then we saw Dr. Grant at about noon and headed to anesthesia for our last stop of the day! I signed in at 12:40 in anesthesia and left at 1:40 after being told I didn't have to do this step since I spoke to someone there over the phone earlier this week. UGH!!!

So, we were starving and extremely tired, so we swing by a fast food restaurant that Flor calls "Pollo Campero" and checked into the hotel at 3:15... against my will we had to get back out once again to find some antibacterial soap for her bath that I didn't know I had to have. We ordered pizza in, I know... such a healthy day of eating. But we are finally in and in our jammies.

Here she is all antibacaterialized...

We have to be at the hospital at 7:30am and it will last about 1 1/2 hours. She'll be in recovery for another hour, then we'll get to go back with her in a private room where we'll stay the night. We should be heading home on Saturday. I'm praying the weather doesn't hinder anyone from coming or going home, including us. I'm also praying that Flor will be as comfortable as possible following the surgery and that she starts eating and drinking by herself quickly.
So, lesson learned. My pray was to get us here safely and on time. My first thought on the side of the road was "uh, hello?!?", my immediete second thought was "wait a minute, maybe this is keeping me safe. maybe getting here safely AND on time couldn't be done in my car." He knew he had to completely lock up my tires if He was gonna get the point across! But he did.
Flor's about to go to bed, but not before she got her surprise!! I brought a styrofoam bowl, a plastic fork, and cornflakes!!! I've never heard a higher pitched "WHAT!!?!". She was so excited! I had to pay $3.90 for a glass of room service milk, but the look on her face was worth it!

Yes, she is kissing her cornflakes!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here's what I'm going to do:

So, when I think about it, I'm going to post random things that Flor says now so I don't forget how she "used to talk" after her surgery. It's an exciting thing, but I have to admit I will miss her sweet little errors.

  • "I was hockin birst" = I was talking first

I'm also going to video her as much as possible these next two weeks. I think it will be amazing to go back a year from now to see how much her speech has improved!!