Wednesday, July 28, 2004

... in the details

It's so exciting to see how God is working all around me.

My daddy went to church with me on Monday night to Planet Rock at The Rock in Huntsville. He wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. I've been going there since January and have missed less than 3 nights since, and most of those were when I was in Guatemala. It has been amazing to me to see how it has all played apart in where God is leading me in my life.

I have to tell this story:

About a month and a half before I decided to work at The Shadow of His Wings, every Monday night at The Rock, by different speakers, for 5 weeks in a row, the statement was uttered, "What are you waiting for?" It rang out to me like an alarm, I couldn't ignore it. Instantly I made the connection that I was just 'waiting' for what God had for me, but He was telling me that I had to go get it! I had to do something!

After about the 5th week, I decided that I would write Mrs. Simpson, who I had spoken with before, and I would just ask her if they needed help there and if they would be interested in me working with them. A week went by and I hand't written her and it was time for church again. I couldn't go back without having done what He had told me the week before. (I should'd already done it!!) So, I sat down and wrote her a quick note, telling her my desires to work with the children of Guatemala. I went to church and not more than 3 hours later, I had a response from her! God answers fast!! :)

So, it was settled and has gone fast from there. The funny thing is that the next week at Planet Rock, we were helping shoot a commercial for the Huntsville Master's Commission, that they are starting at The Rock, and we all (about 50 of us) gathered on the stage and they wanted us to shout at the camera... "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!! Can you believe that?!? All I could do was laugh.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Amazing news!!

Last Tuesday, a friend of the family wanted to meet with me about helping support me when I go to Guatemala. (to stay at this home for girls' will cost me $325-$350 a month) So, we meet for dinner at my dad's house. After dinner, he and his wife ask me about the home and what I'll be doing and how it came to be that I would be going to this particular home. So, after my spill, he says that they had instant confirmation that they should support me. He said that for no matter how long I am there, may it be 6 months to a year, whatever, he said that I wouldn't have to worry about the cost of staying at Shadow of His Wing. (!!!!) They will be paying for the complete cost of living! I was speechless! Seriously, I didn't know what to say! I just said thank you. By that time we were all crying. It was amazing to me how God provides what I need. That was the one thing I was worrying about, and God had just given me a peace that it would be taken care of, but I had no idea that this family would be the ones to take care of it all! I know that they will be blessed. I pray that they will be blessed!

I told my boss today that I would be leaving in September. I was a little nervous, just because there are a few more girls leaving around that same time to go to school or whatever. But she wasn't mad at all. She was glad I went ahead and told her, so she could think about hiring someone else. She was happy for me though.

I can't believe it is only a little more than a month away. :
I still have to buy a plane ticket. I found a one-way for pretty cheap on the 8th of Sept. I'll probably try to buy one by next week.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Gib and Joanne Simpson

Joanne sent me a picture of her and her husband, Gib. They are the ones that started the children's home some 5 years ago.

From mission book

I think they look sweet.

I already have an offer from some dear friends of our family to partially support me while I'm there. It never fails to amaze me how I am never lacking in what I need. It would seem impossible to support myself while I'm gone with no income each month... but I'm not supporting myself; God is supporting me. I truly feel that this is what he would have me to do, and even though I know it will be hard... so hard... I know it will be worth it and He will be with me all the way.

Saturday, July 10, 2004


I just finished watching a movie and thought I would check my e-mail... and there was a letter from Joanne Simpson, who is the director of the girls' home in Guatemala.

They are excited for me to come and work with them. They have been in the States, and that's why it has taken so long for me to hear from her.

My hands are shaking and my heart is beating a million times a second. I'm excited and nervous and a ton of other emotions all rolled into one...


I have to buy a plane ticket... what else?!? Time just shot forward another month, it seems. Is it really only two months until September? I'm looking at going the end of August or the beginning of September, so... yeah, wow.

That's really all I can do right now, is just say, "wow"... I can't even type..

Sunday, July 4, 2004

still no news...

Well, I haven't heard anything back from the director of the girls' home. It has been a week. :\

There is another option, that actually would be something I would LOVE to do!! It would be to work with some friends of mine, who worked at Casa Aleluya for 7 years. Steve and Shyrel Osborn. They have now started their own children's home. They don't have any children, as of yet, but it shouldn't be long. They have really good favor with the judges, after dealing with them for so long with Casa Aleluya.

My ideal thing to do would be to work and live with them and be a sort of live-in babysitter, if you will. Steve and Shyrel also work with Buckner Orphan Care International. They are working with the government of Guatemala to help reconstruct and remodel, staff and train properly, etc, at existing homes throughout Guatemala. So, needless to say, they are always on the run, here and there, they have an office building right down the road from their house that they are constantly in and out of. So, to me, it seems that someone who could stay in the house with the kids, so to not have to worry about who will stay, when will so and so be back, etc., would be a nice thing to have.

They are already like family to me. I've worked with them before. They are just awesome people.

So, I'm anxious as to what could happen with that. Maybe I could do both. Work in one place for 3 or 6 months, and then go on to Steve and Shyrel's... who knows? I just want to do what is in God's plans for me.

Maybe I'll know something more this week.

Thursday, July 1, 2004

In the beginning...

I only three days ago commited to work in a girls' home in San Cristobal, Guatemala.

I haven't heard anything of a response back from the director yet. I am nervous about the unknown, but also very, very excited!!

The tenative date to go is early September... less then three months... :):):)!!!

So much to do!