Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love days like today...

it was sort of like this:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First doctor visit

Flor had an appointment with her new pediatrician today. We finally got her insurance settled and she was such a big girl too! She kept saying, "Mama, yo no lloro." (I don't cry) and "It's ok." Definitely reassuring herself more than she was me. She didn't like the gown she had to wear. It got in the way of her wiggling around all over the table and on the floor. So, she spent most of the time just in her panties... not shy at all!! At least the doctor was a lady and I told her that it was ok for the doctor to see her panties.

We weren't sure on the translation of one of the vaccines, so I have to get back to her and follow up. I will ask her then more about follow up surgeries for her cleft pallet.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Ok, so I bought this kiddie pool at Target, thinking I was getting this great deal... $5.00! Well, as you can see... I got my money's worth... it is a BABY pool!! But Flor, being Flor, did not care one bit that she barely fit. She had such a blast this afternoon! She swam and swam! Then her Barbie's swam too! So, I'd say it was WELL worth the $5 I spent for it! I can't wait to take her to a big pool this summer!!

The beginning of this video reminds me of Dumbo swimming the bucket taking his first bath! She was so cute!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

meant to be

Today I felt so exhausted. Not really sure why. Tonight was one of those nights that really make me wish I stayed at home with Flor. Sometimes I have a little pity party and only invite myself. I think of how unfair it is for Flor that I have to keep working... blah, blah, blah... seriously?!? Would she be better off without me?!? No way, Jose. I know that God sees this desire in my heart and that one day I will be able to do just that, until then I do what I have to do.

Every day I see more and more of myself in her. Some things that freakishly make up her own little personality, that I had nothing to do with, but that are so me... other things that she so sweetly copies from her favorite person in the world... that'd be me. Either way, there is no doubt in my mind that she was born my daughter. I wish I could explain it to make people understand. It's not some great thing I've done here... It's not that I've "saved" her from whatever life she would have had... This is just the way it has to be. There is no way around us being together. Both of our lives have taken us down these paths..., paths that have crossed and now intertwined!