Thursday, August 23, 2007

job interview

Well, I was thrilled to hear back from the hospital about the interpreting job. I had an interview Tuesday afternoon, and I really think it went well. Of course, it was unlike any interview I've ever had!! From the time I got there to the time I left (about an hour) we walked and walked and walked... and it was almost entirely in Spanish. He did most of the talking, appologizing every now and then for talking so much! He asked me about myself and I think he really appreciated what I've been doing with my life. Then he would get distracted by a call and go off again, just talking. It was good for me though because he told me all about the job. It sounds amazing!! I even got to go on a few calls with him. He said he works a lot in labor & delivery and with new mothers, but really he works all over the hospital!! There's no telling the things I'll see and experience!!

He said I should hear from him on Monday and to call him if I don't. Because of his busy days (and I saw that first hand!) he gets distracted easily and forgets. So he said not to hesitate to call. So, I really hope I get it!!

In the meantime, I started working back at the restaurant I worked at before I moved to Guatemala. I just hosted this week, but next week I'll be waiting tables again. I'm so excited about it too!! I absolutely love that job!!

I'm waiting on a few details before I send in the paperwork to get started with Flor's adoption. I think that my hesitation has been out of fear. Not fear of how my life will change when I get her... but fear of what if it doesn't happen...

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Heb 11:1

And so... I press on toward the goal and keep my eyes on him and my heart on that little girl and she will be loved and that is the bottom line.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Uncle Bob and Brother Andrew

Uncle Bob is my Grandma's brother. He has cancer and isn't doing well at all. Please pray for him and his wife and family. Sadly and selfishly, I only really knew Uncle Bob for who he was this past year. But he and his wife, Aunt Justine and their ministry have made a long lasting impression in my life. Uncle Bob is in the Bible business, except this Bible business is God's business!! Uncle Bob is a pastor who, many years ago, saw the need to spread God's Word WORLD WIDE!! Supported by fellow believers who felt the tug on their heart strings to give, Uncle Bob printed Bibles year round in his little print shop in Shelbyville, TN. He even sent two boxes of Spanish Bibles with me to Guatemala!! I went to his print shop for the first time last year and was amazed at what goes on behind the scenes. But what amazed me most, was just sitting and talking to Uncle Bob and Aunt Justine. One thing that will stay with me forever is when he handed me a little piece of paper with their picture and names on it. He pointed then to a buletin board by his desk. There was one of my newsletters from Guatemala. He said to me, "You pray for us whenever you see this, and we'll pray for you everyday." I put that piece of paper on my fridge with a picture I have from Haven's wedding, and I could not open the door without thinking of them. I don't know if you've ever read the book, God's Smuggler, but I had just read that book before I went to Uncle Bob's shop last year. It is an amazing story about Brother Andrew, a Scottish man who risked his life and everything he knew to get the Word of God to Communist countries where it was forbidden. I can't help but see similarities between these two godly men. Uncle Bob wrote a book as well that was printed last year. What seems to be a repeating them throughout the book that replays his life is how God always came through and never failed them. That is because they were doing what He would have them to do. His Will. His work. I wouldn't be surprised to hear any moment that he has passed on. But I bet he can't wait!! I know his crown is going to be one of the most decorated that heaven has ever seen!! But he will also happily throw it at the feet of Him who saved him and gave purpose to his life's work.