Monday, August 31, 2009


Any advice on how to handle growing pains?

Flor wakes up quite often, crying because of her feet hurting. They come and go so quickly and sporatically... I haven't figured them out. Massage helps. Ice helps. Ibuprofen helps. Sometimes...

I'm open to suggestions.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

fall is in the air

Sunday was so nice, we spent the evening out riding Flor's bike. She hasn't gotten it quite down yet... lacking a little feet/eye coordination... but she's getting there! Every time she'd get on she'd say, "You ready, Dora?" heehee...

She said the funniest thing this week and I wanted to write it down before I forget... anytime her nose runs or she sneezes (which she just calls "bless-you,bless-you!"), she'll say, "Mama, my nose fall-out, fall-out!" She'll repeat "fall-out" depending on how bad her nose is running. It's really adorable!

She started her speech therapy again this week. She really likes it and always repeats to me what she's worked on each day. Last Monday it was the "g" sound... "Ga-ga-gum", which Flor says more like, "Na-na-num"... but that's why she's in speech therapy now isn't it?!? I'm really glad she'll have a whole other year of it before starting kindergarten next year. Yes, that's right. I said, "KINDERGARTEN"!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

First day of school.

Flor had a great first day at school... but that's just me guessing. When I asked her about it tonight, the conversation went something like this:

"Flor, did you have a good first day at school?"


"What did you do?"


"Did you play with Emily?"


"Did you eat lunch?"


While saying this she was cutting her eyes at me while showing me that playing grin, so I'll just assume it's opposite day.


I had told her all summer that her school was closed for her, so she stayed at Mama Carol's house. Well, it was really adorable to me that as we walked through the door for the open house last Thursday, she looked up at me excitedly with those big brown eyes and said, "MAMA!!! THE DOOR'S OPEN!!!" It was a miracle, people.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

i still have sand in my hair..

.. not really, it's just all over the house by now.

Flor had her first beach trip this week, and what an understatement to say that she is in love just as much as I am!! We did spend plenty of time at the pool, but she swam in the ocean and played on the beach plenty too! She loved the huge sand pile... "just like at abuelo's house". She was brave enough to swim in the ocean with Chris, but she didn't like the "fish poo-poo", better known as seaweed.
She swam without her floaties for a little bit. I was beyond proud! She talked to anyone within a 6 foot radius at any given time, and was even sweet enough to voluntarily share her cheez-its with two sweet toddlers that were too afraid to get in the water. I even have video of her doing a cannonball of the side of the pool, which has got to be the cutest little cannonball I've ever seen. So enough words, I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking...