Thursday, March 29, 2007

Prayer request

I sent out an email yesterday asking for prayer for Flor and Estuardo, who I was taking to get cleft pallet surgery today. I just now realized that I got several of them back, so sorry if you're just now hearing about this.

We left about 6:30 this morning and got there about 7:30.. right on time! We went right in and saw one of the American doctors volunteering this week and she took us right in. Turns out the surgeon was a little under the weather, so they were cutting back on his operations. We waiting around about an hour to see him. After he looked at Flor and Estuardo, he decided to go ahead and operate on Estuardo. His pallet is very deep, and Flor only lacks the hard pallet surgery. So, it was a matter of importance on how he decided. Now remember, I was there alone with two toddlers, which was fine, until I had to take Estuardo to get him blood drawn. Flor was in the stroller just watching, wide eyed. As Estuardo screamed while they took his blood, he also felt the urge to pee and it leaked out all over my pants!! I just had to laugh about it. What else can you do? The poor baby cried afterwards in the social worker's office too. I felt like I couldn't console him. But as soon as we left there, I took Flor out of the stroller and put him in. He layed down and rested as we walked around. After the doctor told me that he would be the last surgery of the day, they generously bumped him up and got him in by 11!!

So, he is in surgery as I type and Flor is scheduled with another doctor who is coming the end of April. Pray for Estuardo today.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Family's trip to Guatemala

Well, I realize I haven't written since my family got here, so I have a lot to update!! It was a long week, but it went by so fast... if that makes sense! We packed so much into 10 days and it all seems to run together, so bear with me!

Having Daddy and Jami here was great! I loved having the company!! We visited Casa Aleluya, Amor de Niño, Rehoboth home for boys, Al & Gail Anderson in Tecuaco and see the work they are doing in La Joya Grande. We snuck off for about a day to the beach at Las Lisas (I got burnt). We took Mike and Carol sovenier shopping in Antigua. It seems like we ate out a lot!! (but it was ALL GOOD!) We helped finish up the painting at Amor del Niño's new house. Daddy and Mike did some much needed repairs in my house and car!! (WOOHOO!) They got to visit my church with me! And we made about a million trips to the airport... haha! That's the gest of it anyway!

It was Carol's first time in Guatemala, so we tried to show her a GOOD TIME... (HAA! I had to throw that in there, Carol!) I think she feel in love with this country... just like we all do!

One cool thing to see, was on the first of many trips to the airport (long story) we saw the volcano Fuego (fire) erupting. It was about 4:30 AM and still dark outside, so it showed up really great! Of course, as usual, pictures do no justice at all. It has been erupting for about a week now, since the big eruption before Daddy came. But to see it flowing was something that is just indescribable. It was really something.

Another thing was that I was so worried about running out of water while I had visitors. I had anywhere from 3 to 7 people staying in my house at one time... and can you believe that I never once ran out of water?!? I even believe that I had extra water. It just never ran dry!! To me it was a miracle!

Friday, March 16, 2007

waiting..., watching the clock

Well, I'm leaving in about 1/2 an hour to get daddy and Jami... I think time has slowed down just to get on my nerves...!!! I'm so ready to leave. Sitting here is driving me crazy! I've cleaned everything I can, there is absolutely nothing else to do, but sit here... and wait.

Monday, March 12, 2007

praise and prayer request

I just received an email from my friend Cyndi, who works with the girls from Shadow. She told me that Joanne's (the director) father passed away yesterday morning. I'm sure it is a very sad time for her. She's been with him over the past week, and so Carroll said she was very tired. But they are also rejoicing because he just recently gave his life to Christ!!

Please keep Joanne and Gib, and their family in your prayers.

They are celebrating the 15 year birthday parties there next week. (15 is bigger than sweet 16 in the States) It's probably the 2nd biggest day in a girl's life, besides her wedding day. So, Lily and Sindy will celebrate next week. I'm not sure if we'll make it or not, since it's on a Thursday night, but I'm hoping to get to take Daddy and Jami that weekend.

Oh yeah, by the way... I guess I can write it here now, since she knows!! Daddy and Jami are coming to visit me!! They come in Friday night!! I'm so excited!! I've known for over a month, but Daddy didn't tell Jami until yesterday. (it was her birthday!) So, we can finally stop whispering about it! Our friends Mike and Carol are coming too!! I really can't wait! This week will not go by fast enough!! I'm trying to do a little bit of "spring cleaning" every morning and not wait until the last minute. With it being dry season, it's really pointless when 5 minutes later everything is covered again, but it has to be done.

They are bringing the strollers down that everyone has pitched in to buy! I was able to buy two and some theraputic toys also!! Plus I had some left over, so I'll just give that to Amor de Niño for whatever needs they may have. Thank you all so, so much for your help! I could not have done it without you!! God bless you!!! I will take lots of pictures and post them as soon as I can!!