Thursday, May 26, 2005

waiting, waiting, and more waiting...

Today and yesterday were KERAZEEE!!! Shopping yesterday we (Rebeka and I) went to Pricemart, Hiper Paiz, Office Depot, San Martin, the pet store (for her dog), the libreria, and finally to Yoger Fruz for a treat... all of that in a huge Ford van. Driving that thing in the city is not my favorite thing to do, but I'm getting used to it now. My first experince shopping went well and I only had to go back today for a few things, and most of those things were because we miss counted for the retreat this weekend.

Today was more running, but mostly waiting. I took Bárbara to the doctor at 11am and we left there at 1:30pm. 2 and 1/2 hours for a piece of paper!!! Then I still had to go to the Super market to pick up the stuff I had missed.

Oh!! But I DID get to go pick up my Big Baby (guitar) that my friend Tono kept for me while I went to the States. It was a sweet reunion for us. :)

Now home to fall out in the bed.

Off tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Yesterday's entry was so short because I started it and then got destracted and before I knew it I had to run. Oh well..

I was mentioning that this weekend the girls are going on a retreat to Monjas, where they will be moving this December. I was asked to lead the worship and I will also be available to do Bárbara's dialisys. Other than that I'm not sure exactly what will be going on. It will be three nights there and there are not enough beds for all of us and we are short 3 sleeping bags for those that will not have a bed. Pray that God will provide those.

Rebeca and I will go do the shopping today. We made the menu for the week and this week we also had to make a menu for when we will be in Monjas. The interns will stay here with Miriam. She cannot go because of school. I'm a little anxious to get the shopping over with, just because it is my first time. I'm glad Rebeca is going with me too because this week is different.

If I could ask anyone reading this to pray for me while I clear up a few things hopefully today.

The tutoring went ok yesterday. I didn't get out of there until 6pm. Omar (Jaysson) had so much homework. He is studying computer and English as well as the other main subjects... he's 10!! I didn't even know what a computer was at 10 years old, nor did I care! I need to look for some books to help me teach José. He's the little 5 year old who can't walk because of a disabling bone disease. He just played with my watch yesterday in amazement. (it has an indiglo light and he asked me what each number was and again every time the time changed) But I want to teach him to read, and eventually write. But I want to do it well. I thought a book would give me some sort of structure for that.

Well, got to get busy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm making a song book to take to a retreat the girls are having this weekend with their school. I was invited to lead their worship times. I will also do Bárbara's dialsys four times a day.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

sunday, sunday

Well, another day has passed here in Guatemala and all is well. The hurricane missed us and we just got an all day drizzle.

Today was my first day to be back in church with the girls. (Last Sunday my dad and I went to my church in San Lucas) It was a good service and the worship is always great. One cool thing is that the worship leader's wife, who is also on the worship team, asked me if I wanted to help with worship. I told her I would love to, I only had to check and see if I would be able to do it. They practice on Thursday nights from 7 to 9:30PM, which she said she could give me a ride to, and Sunday mornings they get to church at 8AM. That's the problem because I don't know if I would be able to get there early on Sundays because I will be taking care of the girls downstairs. But all I can do is ask Carroll and Joanne and pray if that is what God wants me to do then He can provide a way. I was pretty excited about that. They said I could have a choice to play guitar, sing, or even both. :) Cool, eh?

This weekend has been good. I have felt a little anxious about getting back into the swing of things. That still hasn't happened yet. I hope that after this week that everything will fall into place. I also will start tuturing at the Osborn's as well. I will call him tomorrow. He also asked if I would be able to stay at their house for a week while they are gone. Carroll said that would be fine because I will be able to come and work here during the day. :)

The girls seem excited for me to be back. It's just like old times. Tonight I taught them how to play Skip-Bo and we played for hours. We had the 'tienda' (store) and the girls got all sugar-highed up before bed.. fun... :/ It was a good day.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

saludos de Guatemala

Well, my dad left today around noon. Please pray for him as he travels. He is probably there already, but still just pray. There is a hurricane heading our way, so his plane left early. We will most likely just get heavy rain and maybe some power outages, but please pray for the people near the coast and in El Salvador. There are areas known for having mud slides and these slopes are vertical. It can be very deadly.

I have decided to rent from the Simpson's, the director's of the home. They have a house that is one street over from the girl's home and are away in Jalapa amidst the construction. They will be returning every few weeks for only days at a time, so it is good to have someone in there house. (And this being the rainy season, I am walking a much shorter distance.) We had found another apartment nearby, not so nearby, but it seemed that this was the clear choice. God is never late.

I will spend most of tonight getting unpacked and settled in. Daddy helped me put together a book shelf that he bought me before he left. :) (If I forgot to say it before... thanks for everything, Daddy, I love YOU the most!!)

Some of my new duties here will be writing the menu, doing the grocery shopping- which for 30+ people is no small task, in charge of special occasions, such as game night, birthdays, 15 year parties, etc., substituting for Libni, who is the new dorm mother for the older girls downstairs, taking girls to appointments- such as dentist, phsycologist, court appts...., and many many etcs...

Also I will be tutoring three children that live with the Osborn's. Omar, who some of you may know as Jason, who lived at Casa Aleluya many years ago, his sister Helen- who Shyrel has cared for since almost birth, and one 5 year old boy named Jose, who I will teach to read and write. Jose has a bone disease and cannot walk. His bones are very brittle and he is in a wheelchair. But he has the sweetest smile. He is just learning Spanish, having come from a rural village speaking a native language. This will be a new challenge for me, but I am very excited about it.

So, that is all for now...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I just got an e-mail from Carroll, the site director at Shadow. She was so excited about me coming back and was very understanding to all of the things I entrusted to her. I shared with her my desire to have my own place and she even said she would keep an ear open for me. Also, she had several ideas on how to use me, but still give me some flexability to work with the Osborn's and whoever else may need my help. I am on cloud nine. I had so much anxiety over this. Now I have a peace about it which is AWESOME!! I know the pieces still have to come together for the puzzle to work, but I am definitely feeling better.

I am trying to pack now. As you can see, I am not doing so good a job because obviously I am on the computer... buuUUUuut... I've still got... 3 SLEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to pack... maybe.

Saturday, May 7, 2005

full, not on food

Oh man, tonight I went to The Rock's Saturday night service instead of Soul Stock, which is a free Christian concert event that takes place all day at Athens State University. (just for those of you not from here) But I'm so glad I went. I was disappointed at first when I realized that Pastor Rusty wasn't there, but an associate pastor Bill Davis spoke instead and man, oh man, was it like hitting the nail on the head with a sledge hammer.

I recieved a word in my spirit, a command, of sorts: Be faithful in the little, humble and pleasing in the sight of the Lord.

I have been so blessed, beyond my imagination. God has provided all of my needs and much more before I get ready to go back to Guatemala. But it hit me tonight. Ok. Stay with me on this because I may wonder around a bit before heading back home: You all, anyone who has prayed with me, for me, everyone who has been so generous to donate financially, and all who have given encouraging words; YOU have all already been faithful to God, according to what He has spoken to you about me. (you know who you are) I can't speak for all the things He's asked of you, but as for me, you are being faithful in remembering me. That alone is beyond comprehension. But now it is my turn in this cycle. (I'm just speaking now of my little world, not the big picture, you understand. I am only one piece to a puzzle, and we don't even have the lid of the box to go by, we just go by faith, knowing that the end result will be Eternity. ) I must now run with all that has given to me and bring Glory to God's kingdom. You see, if I don't, then I am just another proud human trying to accuire all of the fame and fortune I think I deserve.

As I sat in the service tonight, I thought, only two people maybe out of all that were there even knew my name, let alone know that I am leaving in less than a week (I can say less than a week now because today is almost over) to go back to Guatemala. It was very humbling and at the same time it was glorious, but only humbling to me... Glorious to God. How priviledged am I that He has chosen me to do this work of His that I love so much?!? Sometimes I think about it too much and I begin to think that I'm crazy or something for assuming I can just go to Guatemala, all by myself, and work in this girls' home. "Who am I?", I ask. Well, a better question is, "Who are we, that the God of the Universe, Who created the world, sent His Son to die for the sins that we have committed, and will continue to make as long as we live- like driving the nails through His hands ourselves, all over again..??

"To whom much is given, much is required."

I begin my journey now to try and become worthy of the honor that was so graciously given to me.

Has God put a calling in your heart? Did you know that He will not only call you to His Will, but He will give you the desire to do it? He's so cool like that.