Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 1998

It was brought to my attention that 12 years ago today I arrived in Guatemala for the first time. How crazy is that?!? It seems like it was only yesterday and at the same time it was so long ago it seems like a dream. I remember feeling so torn the day before we left and even on the plane ride there. I remember my eyes being opened for the first time in my life when I stepped out of that plane. My heart was filled and broken all at the same time. I'd never had so many snotty little noses and dirty little hands rubbed all over me, and I never remember feeling more at peace. I arrived a selfish 18 year old without a care in the world, but I left with the weight of little Guatemalan souls on the heart.
I had no idea on that day how God would direct my life from there. I had no idea that He was birthing in my heart a mother's love for one little black eyed doll in particular. I am overwhelmed by the thought of it.