Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First Home Study meeting

I heard from Amy today (my social worker) and we have a meeting scheduled for next Friday (19th). I work until 1, so I will have to leave straight afterwards to get there. I am so excited and Friday could not get here soon enough...

I also got a packet today with the letter to request the police clearances and the fingerprint cards. Three of each, since I live with my sister and her family, her and her husband have to do it too.

I bought a journal today. I thought about writing this whole experience in it, even back to the day I met Flor, and giving it to her when she's older. I'm writing it to her like it were a letter. I think it will be pretty special. I'm trying to catch up now, and my thumb hurts from writing too much already!!

I started work today. I was just training and the doctor wasn't there, so it wasn't busy at all or anything, but I can already tell that I like it. Everyone is so nice and pleasant to work with. I even went and got me a few scrubs today too. Not too many though because I've heard rumors about someone getting me some for my birthday, so I think I'll hold out at least a week!!