Thursday, October 25, 2007

I dream of flowers

I really hope that those of you who pray have been praying for me and Flor... we need it this week.

I dreamed about her last night. It's the first time I've actually seen her in a dream. I was at a court hearing with a lot of other adopting parents. On one side of what seemed like a church, were all the parents. On the other side, were all of the children being held by the young women who care for them. My family had gone down to Guatemala with me, even my sister Stephanie who's never been! I remember knowing that we had to go to a different court, so all of the parents were filing out the side door. We had to walk in front of where the children were. I glanced over and had to take a second look because there she was!! Being held by a young lady who couldn't have been older than 18. The lady looked at me like she didn't know me or why I would be so happy to see Flor. I wish I could describe Flor's face when she saw me... She lit up!! I felt relieved since I hadn't seen her in several months. But the lady held her back and wouldn't let her come to me. She wouldn't let me hold her. I was walking by so quickly that I didn't even have time to say good-bye. We walked from court to court. The whole thing was just the process of getting things done. It seems like we went on forever and I honestly don't even remember having an "end" to my dream.